Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Beginnings

Its been a long time coming and i have said this for i think its been close to a year now..."i want to loose weight". 

A common sentence we have all said at least once in our lives out loud. So, do we do something about it? Well if you are like me then you think the day always starts on Monday and ends on Monday...

30 isnt a big number to be turning next feb but it was a goal i made months ago and did nothing about.

So who is to blame when they look at themselves in the mirror feeling ugly and un sexy and cry with the same old line "i want to loose weight" while scoffing down the nearest donut from depression?

*looks around* yeah me! thats who!

So, i know im only like 3 days in but im really determined to do this. Its November and i have 3 months to loose 12kg (22). Its possible if i get my bum into gear and stop putting it off.

My reasons? Why now?

1. my health- to try to keep my heart as strong as possible while i have an abnormality.
2. money- sick of buying take away
3. im 30 in feb and my goal was to loose this weight by then
4. my anniversary is in april and we have been through heaps and i at least want to feel sexy again
5. self esteem- what self esteem? i have 0 right now and i have myself to blame
6. i have a few weddings to go to in feb/march and want to look good in a new dress
7. its spring and im sick of wearing long tops and things that cover me up
8. though hubby says he likes me how i am, hed like me more if i lost the weight and had the confidence and ability to believe him when he compliments me

...the list goes on.

I guess im writing the list so when i have a day of caving in i can look back and remember some of the reasons why i did this.

Wish me luck! I will be posting every few days and on weigh in day. Please dont cave again and give up creativedesignz i NEED this!