Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Beginnings

Its been a long time coming and i have said this for i think its been close to a year now..."i want to loose weight". 

A common sentence we have all said at least once in our lives out loud. So, do we do something about it? Well if you are like me then you think the day always starts on Monday and ends on Monday...

30 isnt a big number to be turning next feb but it was a goal i made months ago and did nothing about.

So who is to blame when they look at themselves in the mirror feeling ugly and un sexy and cry with the same old line "i want to loose weight" while scoffing down the nearest donut from depression?

*looks around* yeah me! thats who!

So, i know im only like 3 days in but im really determined to do this. Its November and i have 3 months to loose 12kg (22). Its possible if i get my bum into gear and stop putting it off.

My reasons? Why now?

1. my health- to try to keep my heart as strong as possible while i have an abnormality.
2. money- sick of buying take away
3. im 30 in feb and my goal was to loose this weight by then
4. my anniversary is in april and we have been through heaps and i at least want to feel sexy again
5. self esteem- what self esteem? i have 0 right now and i have myself to blame
6. i have a few weddings to go to in feb/march and want to look good in a new dress
7. its spring and im sick of wearing long tops and things that cover me up
8. though hubby says he likes me how i am, hed like me more if i lost the weight and had the confidence and ability to believe him when he compliments me

...the list goes on.

I guess im writing the list so when i have a day of caving in i can look back and remember some of the reasons why i did this.

Wish me luck! I will be posting every few days and on weigh in day. Please dont cave again and give up creativedesignz i NEED this!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yay I Made a Treasurey

I made a compliation of lovely shops with nice bright items and put them together in my treasurey.

Wanna see?


I love it. Havent made one in a while and it seemed about time to :)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

You HAve Got Mail

OMG im just in shock here....

I just went to the letterbox to see if my supplies had come yet and got this open letter/flier and i just dont know what to think or do with it... WTF???

I will keep this as clean as possible while explaining the gist of it...

The letter starts with F You, then goes on to say how pointless living in this suburb is, a few more swear words, that the residents here are illiterate, have too much time on their hands having babies, how the local train station is a hang out for under age Fing kids thats should be locked up, how fat B's here do nothing but sit on their VW sized  Butts (a nicer way of putting it) and points fun of spastic kids, and some other disgusting things that i am NOT going to even type here....

The letter is FULL of swearing, racial remarks with dis tasteful comments about kids and i just , i dont know what to say. Not what i was expecting in the mail

Im just in ...shock... who would write this and WHY did the postman deliever a flier like this and not even read it first before passing it around the neighbourhood?????????????????????

Friday, September 24, 2010

One of my fave ETSY sellers (D3BZ)

So for a while i have had this great etsy shop saved in my faves and id like to share with you why...

This little lady is so sweet and her communication is excellent. Shes always happy and upbuilding and is the first to say hello to you when you are posting in the forums.

Her professionalism is to be respected and admired and her shop is just so cute!

I have purchased from her before and i may just do it again some time soon.

While browsing the other day i came across this lovely headband that i just HAVE to get...(as if i dont have enough cute ones already) and wanted to share it with you.

Feminine and so pretty. Prices are so reasonable and best of all she makes it all by hand.

Now on the count of 3 everyone go AWWW...






Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Er, Thanks .... I Think

um, awkward moment with a dad at school today

haha actually it was funny...

the other day one of the dads of the kids my daughter goes to school with was driving out of the school and me and 6 other mums where in front talking. he looked at me and said out the window "sorry i just didnt want to hit anyone and dint my car" as a joke and we all laughed.

anyway he says today "im so sorry about the other day it came out wrong i didnt mean it the way it sounded" so i laughed and said "sure sure are you saying im fat enough to dint your car" and he goes "no not at all your beautiful"...

then i just went um thanks and he hurried off to his car haha. apparantly his wife who was with him the other day said what he said may of offended me so he felt he had to apologise lol.

funny but weird. i forgot about it and i DIDNT expect the "your beautiful" part...

um, yeah gotta go haha

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A CUT above the rest...

Hello all.

Its been a while hasnt it?

Well slowly things are falling into place and the spring air has made me cheery.

Guess what? Today is the day i will get myself a little mini makeover. Nothing radical but something hair wise to make me feel like a new woman.

Finally i found a hair dresser that will just look at me when i walk in and suggest i leave the stylying in his hands. he will "work magic" by slicing, layering, curling, tinting and so on. Sounds funny  i know but this is the type of hairdresser that really loves his work and wants every client looking their best. Mum goes to him and raves about him being so creative etc so today i will see first hand.

Wanted to do it for a while but didnt have the money but mum is shouting me so why not? I will take before and after pics so i can see the difference and i cant wait!!! I want him to teach me how to curl and maximise my hair so it doesnt feel so flat everyday and boring.

So, after taking kids to school and cleaning the house so it doesnt look like i have done "nothing" all day i will be whisked to the salon where the make over will take place ...

Now, if only i could change my face and body this easily...........

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Times They Are A Changin'

So i know that i should be more regular on here but as some of you know that i have been having a rough time lately so thats the reason for my absent-ness.

Please forgive me.

I will be closing my etsy shop very soon to use this time to focus on whats important in my life which are my kids.

Without going into too much detail i have had some dramas recently which has made me choose certain directions in life and minimise what i dont really need in my life. Etsy at the moment is one of them as is face book which i will also be closing soon too.

People have told me not to give up what i love doing but to be honest though my jewellery was fun i dont really have the time anymore nor the money to keep it up when its rather slow anyhow. This isnt my reason for closing my etsy shop however its not just enough to create when your not selling heaps. I happen to think that my jewellery stands out from being different but i dont have the hours to sit online and promote it like i used to.

So, sadly i will be closing very soon but thats not to say that in time i wont be back to try something new and fun... purses??? bath and body??? hmmm i dunno. But at this stage in my life it wont be anytime soon.

I was going to give up my blog but if im closing my etsy shop then i need to stay in touch with you all SOME how right?

So this is my daily input.

As i sit here in my pjs at 2.12pm on a saturday and wipe off the soot from my hands as i get the fireplace going, i bid thee farewell.....

Not for ever....just for now....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Smell of Spring Is In the Air

Firstly, i have to update you guys with the hairdresser situation- was she serious? I did go in and check her out- SHES SO NOT 32 MORE LIKE 45. Hello! IM 29 nearly 30 and i DONT look like her... what a crock. She told hubby she was 32 or whatever LOL more like 45. That explains it all ! She cant people her own age she has to crack it with a married man whos 30 and has a wife and kids. Um yeah!

So, arg i still cant decide what im going to do with my hair. Cut it grow it? I dunno. I HAVE seen some nice pics on google but they ARE models so it wouldnt look quiet the same on me im sure haha...

The smell of spring is really in the air here in Australia. I took my miss 4 for a nice long walk and bike ride today and we both loved stopping to take pics of the cherry blossoms growing on the trees. Such a nice walk.

Then i walked down to my work to buy some nice protein shakes to help me kick start this weight loss im trying hard to keep going.

Start day-today...... end day- today. Yes friends, i got tempted by a choc coated CHOMP bar and undid all my hard work.

Well it IS Friday and they DO say that diet starts Monday so...... that gives me the weekend to be naughty doesnt it???

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I Get a Free Haircut?

Firstly I want to say hi and thanks to those etsy friends that told me I "must" get a blog so they can keep up with the daily life of me- creativedesignz. I finally took the step to start a blog, now i need to maintain it. So sit back and have a laugh at my expense at my daily run ins, mishaps, weird situations and enjoy a laugh or two.

Ok, so i thought id kick start a funny but strange situation today. If you know me youd know i get bored of my hair very easily. I get sick with the style, the colour etc. I have been anything from red, black, brown, blonde, zebra stripes (blonde with brown striped that didnt go quite according to plan) and back to blonde again which is what i currently am.

I have been googling for funky hair cuts that i may have to keep up my sleeve "just in case" i walk by a hairdresser and feel the need for a hair change VS a donut..... mmmm donuts.....

Any i was googling when hubby comes home from getting his hair cut done and tells me a "funny" story.

It goes something like this:

He went in and asked for a hair cut. Got chatted up by a middle aged woman needing the know everything about his life from what he does for work, how old he was, where he lived, right down to how many kids hey had. Not only did she ask him for drinks but she asked him to maybe come to her house one day for a "service" (more like "service" her). When he threw in the "my wife and kids" did that stop her? Obviously not since she threw in the "i have kids too" while slyly saying they should hang out one day. Im sorry WHAT???

Hubby expected me to get cranky and my reply was "you should of asked her for a free haircut and tell her the missus will be needing her hair cut soon too".

Speaking of which, im going past there tomorrow - would it be wrong of me to go in looking lost then when asked "can i help you " sweetly reply "no thanks im just checking out the loser of the woman that has no life but to chat up married men and talk about how sweet it would be if the kids got together and play"....


Stay tuned with the decision on my hair lop. To grow or to cut....My friends- THAT is the question...