Thursday, September 16, 2010

A CUT above the rest...

Hello all.

Its been a while hasnt it?

Well slowly things are falling into place and the spring air has made me cheery.

Guess what? Today is the day i will get myself a little mini makeover. Nothing radical but something hair wise to make me feel like a new woman.

Finally i found a hair dresser that will just look at me when i walk in and suggest i leave the stylying in his hands. he will "work magic" by slicing, layering, curling, tinting and so on. Sounds funny  i know but this is the type of hairdresser that really loves his work and wants every client looking their best. Mum goes to him and raves about him being so creative etc so today i will see first hand.

Wanted to do it for a while but didnt have the money but mum is shouting me so why not? I will take before and after pics so i can see the difference and i cant wait!!! I want him to teach me how to curl and maximise my hair so it doesnt feel so flat everyday and boring.

So, after taking kids to school and cleaning the house so it doesnt look like i have done "nothing" all day i will be whisked to the salon where the make over will take place ...

Now, if only i could change my face and body this easily...........

Stay tuned.


  1. Can't wait to see your Makeover pics. Hope you had a fun day!!


  2. took a few and will upload tomorrow if i can.