Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Smell of Spring Is In the Air

Firstly, i have to update you guys with the hairdresser situation- was she serious? I did go in and check her out- SHES SO NOT 32 MORE LIKE 45. Hello! IM 29 nearly 30 and i DONT look like her... what a crock. She told hubby she was 32 or whatever LOL more like 45. That explains it all ! She cant people her own age she has to crack it with a married man whos 30 and has a wife and kids. Um yeah!

So, arg i still cant decide what im going to do with my hair. Cut it grow it? I dunno. I HAVE seen some nice pics on google but they ARE models so it wouldnt look quiet the same on me im sure haha...

The smell of spring is really in the air here in Australia. I took my miss 4 for a nice long walk and bike ride today and we both loved stopping to take pics of the cherry blossoms growing on the trees. Such a nice walk.

Then i walked down to my work to buy some nice protein shakes to help me kick start this weight loss im trying hard to keep going.

Start day-today...... end day- today. Yes friends, i got tempted by a choc coated CHOMP bar and undid all my hard work.

Well it IS Friday and they DO say that diet starts Monday so...... that gives me the weekend to be naughty doesnt it???

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