Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I Get a Free Haircut?

Firstly I want to say hi and thanks to those etsy friends that told me I "must" get a blog so they can keep up with the daily life of me- creativedesignz. I finally took the step to start a blog, now i need to maintain it. So sit back and have a laugh at my expense at my daily run ins, mishaps, weird situations and enjoy a laugh or two.

Ok, so i thought id kick start a funny but strange situation today. If you know me youd know i get bored of my hair very easily. I get sick with the style, the colour etc. I have been anything from red, black, brown, blonde, zebra stripes (blonde with brown striped that didnt go quite according to plan) and back to blonde again which is what i currently am.

I have been googling for funky hair cuts that i may have to keep up my sleeve "just in case" i walk by a hairdresser and feel the need for a hair change VS a donut..... mmmm donuts.....

Any i was googling when hubby comes home from getting his hair cut done and tells me a "funny" story.

It goes something like this:

He went in and asked for a hair cut. Got chatted up by a middle aged woman needing the know everything about his life from what he does for work, how old he was, where he lived, right down to how many kids hey had. Not only did she ask him for drinks but she asked him to maybe come to her house one day for a "service" (more like "service" her). When he threw in the "my wife and kids" did that stop her? Obviously not since she threw in the "i have kids too" while slyly saying they should hang out one day. Im sorry WHAT???

Hubby expected me to get cranky and my reply was "you should of asked her for a free haircut and tell her the missus will be needing her hair cut soon too".

Speaking of which, im going past there tomorrow - would it be wrong of me to go in looking lost then when asked "can i help you " sweetly reply "no thanks im just checking out the loser of the woman that has no life but to chat up married men and talk about how sweet it would be if the kids got together and play"....


Stay tuned with the decision on my hair lop. To grow or to cut....My friends- THAT is the question...


  1. i think that would be so funny if you went in there