Thursday, October 7, 2010

You HAve Got Mail

OMG im just in shock here....

I just went to the letterbox to see if my supplies had come yet and got this open letter/flier and i just dont know what to think or do with it... WTF???

I will keep this as clean as possible while explaining the gist of it...

The letter starts with F You, then goes on to say how pointless living in this suburb is, a few more swear words, that the residents here are illiterate, have too much time on their hands having babies, how the local train station is a hang out for under age Fing kids thats should be locked up, how fat B's here do nothing but sit on their VW sized  Butts (a nicer way of putting it) and points fun of spastic kids, and some other disgusting things that i am NOT going to even type here....

The letter is FULL of swearing, racial remarks with dis tasteful comments about kids and i just , i dont know what to say. Not what i was expecting in the mail

Im just in ...shock... who would write this and WHY did the postman deliever a flier like this and not even read it first before passing it around the neighbourhood?????????????????????


  1. It's entirely possible that they were passed out not by the postal worker, but just as some idiot.


    I know in the U.S., it's illegal to put anything IN a mailbox that hasn't had postage paid for on it (that's why our flyers are tucked into the flags or up in our front doors).

    Bottom line though, RIDICULOUS!!! Sorry you had to experience that!

    You should scan the letter and post it. Maybe more people have gotten the same letters.

    - Ashley

  2. good question... maybe it was not passed by the mailman... still, why would someone want to do this besides maybe stirring up some trouble???

  3. How strange, who would do such a thing? Just don't let it get to you, maybe it is some weird prank.