Tuesday, June 28, 2011


so im glad i have found my blog address again because it was another interesting day in the life of estelle.

Yesterday while doing my delivery run to the post office i was in the car and had my indicator on, what happens? A car decides to clip the front of my car. YES! im not lying. no cars behind me or infront and he "didnt see my car" - wtf? really? a big station wagon? he went to park in front of me and crashed into my drivers side taking out my indicator light. i was ready to get out and say "you break it you buy it".

So i got out waiting for someone to tell me off and this middle age man walks up and says "im so sorry" then his wife gets out and says "we are so sorry" then i felt my anger fade away and thank them for asking. he was gracious in giving me his details and ended up getting payment from him to replace the light on my car.

So i spent the rest of my day getting quotes, fixing damage and trying to surpress a migrain. arg not a good day.

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